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A truly precious serum, iridescent marine pearls give the skin an instant radiance. Com-posed of tensing active ingredients derived from brown algae and oatmeal, the gel and pearls act in harmony to sublimate the skin and illuminate the complexion. The beauty of the skin is revealed.


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  • Pearls.Composed of a combination of polysaccharides of marine origin (alginate from brown seaweed) and a polysaccharide of biotechnological origin (anionic polysaccharide obtained from plant substrates). Upon contact with the skin, the polysaccharides

    Mother-of-pearls.They provide a light effect that sublimates the skin.

    Osilift®. It is a purified fraction of polysaccharides from oats and is based on 100% natural sugar. With a very high molecular weight, this network of complex sugars adheres to the skin surface in a continuous and cohesive film that firms and tones the skin.

    Algisium® A complete anti-ageing active ingredient, this silanol (a silicon derivative designed to stabilise and optimise the cutaneous bioavailability of silicon) prevents the signs of ageing by restoring silicon reserves. This silicon would then stimulate cellular
    metabolism (proliferation, collagen production, etc).


  • Pump the desired amount of serum. Apply to the face by gently massaging into the skin.
    Avoid the eye contour area.
    Precautions for use: Avoid the eye contour area. In case of direct contact with the eye, rinse with water.

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