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Provide an immediate radiance boost effect to recover a luminous and rested face.Immediately brightens the complexion

Nourishing second skin effect.

High concentration in active ingredients.

Radiance boost marine serum

SKU: 671253175371
  • Complex of Spirulina and cassava extracts: the richness in proteins of Spirulina restores skin suppleness and tone by nourishing and strengthening its structure. The sugars of cassava with tensor effect act on the skin surface and smooth the micro-relief.

    Ginseng extract: the anti-aging action of ginseng has been known for thousands of years in Asia. It increases the energy of skin cells, stimulates their metabolism, increases cell
    regeneration and has an anti-oxidant action.

    Hyaluronic wrinkles filler that ensures an immediate and long-lasting plumpingeffect.

  • Apply daily a small amount of serum on the whole face and neck.

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