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The key components of our skincare cosmetics are natural marine materials and patented complexes. Cosmetics are created using natural raw materials of marine origin, such as sea water, algae, sea silt and sea salt. In addition, the product contains proprietary complexes such as Matrixyl®, which is a well-known anti-aging active ingredient. Here are some other elements that are used in the production of these cosmetics:


  • OLIGOGELINE™ PF is a second skin ingredient that forms a film on the surface of the skin.

  • ALGISIUM® C is the original silanol, which is an essential component of the skin.

  • Fucogel® provides multi-sensory moisturizing, enhances skin softness and firmness, and restructures the skin, resulting in a more defined facial contour.

  • OSILIFT® is a natural polyose purified fraction derived from oats, which has an immediate smoothing and lifting effect visible on the skin surface thanks to its three-dimensional and high molecular weight configuration.

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